Authentic Writing Experience
Noteshelf perfectly catches that intuitive ink-on-paper feeling so smoothly, it’s as if you’re writing using a real pen and paper, thanks to its high performing Open GL engine.
Scribble in Style
From pens, inks, highlighters and pencils, our wide range of writing tools also comes with an unlimited pallet of colours.
Stay Organised
Group or ungroup notebooks with just a drag and a tap of finger. Catalogue using titles, tags and covers. Set up a password for your secret notes.
Customise Endlessly
Choose from a wide selection of papers & notebook covers. Tweak your pen/highlighter’s colours and sizes. Pick a shelf theme. Mix and match anytime with Noteshelf.
Sharp & Crisp Sketches
Share, Export, Print Easily
See the finest of lines, the smoothness of dots, the finely-tuned artwork finishings. Create visually stunning compositions with Noteshelf’s high resolution graphics.
Automatically publish contents of your selected notebooks to your Evernote account. Instantly share and export ideas via your Email, Dropbox and more. Print directly from your iPad with ease.
Pick Your Tool
You can use your hand to write but we recommend using a stylus.

For advanced features like palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, Noteshelf supports the following stylus >
Seamless Artistic Technology
A leader in creative stylus technology, the Intous Creative Stylus lets create naturally and lets your draw, sketch, and paint on your iPad with the artistic control of traditional tools.
pressure sensitivepalm rejectionshortcut functionality
Pressure Sensitive Stylus
The HEX3 JaJa can connect with your iPad without the use of Bluetooth technology, giving it a longer battery life. It also boasts 1024 levels of sensitivity, and the most precise tip available.
precision controlpressure sensitiveshortcut functionality
Smart Pen for iPad
Pogo Connect puts the fun back into sketching or taking notes on iPad. It's a bluetooth pen that allows you to draw with different line widths on an iPad. It's simple to set up, and the brush tips offer something completely new - full pressure response from a brush!
precision controlpressure sensitivepalm rejectionshortcut functionality
Unleash your creativity.
Draw, write and create naturally with Jot Touch with Pixelpoint, the incredibly precise fine-point stylus for iPad. The Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is a pressure sensitive, Adobe Creative Cloud connected stylus for iPad. It combines Pixelpoint technology and an updated design to give you a feature-rich, incredibly natural creative experience. Never has something so revolutionary felt so familiar.
precision controlpressure sensitivepalm rejectionshortcut functionality
Revolutionary Stylus for Touch-screen Devices
From the sustainably harvested wood body to the elegant technological core, every detail in Pencil combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft; adaptive palm rejection lets you rest your hand comfortably on the screen, Pencil’s unique built-in eraser lets you try anything knowing an eraser is only a flip away, and Bluetooth connection is simplified via Kiss to Pair™.
precision controlpressure sensitivepalm rejection
The Livescribe 3 smartpen pairs with Noteshelf to instantly sync everything you write on paper directly onto your iPad over Bluetooth Smart wireless technology.

Use the features of Noteshelf to easily edit over your written notes and share them with select destinations ›
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