Take beautiful notes,

An award-winning note-taking app with all your essentials in one place. Take notes, organize, and focus on the things that matter.

Enterprise options also available

Pens that match your style

Realistic pens to beautify your handwriting and elevate your note-taking experience.

“Noteshelf is very universal to add, order, and manage both the written and typed notes, drawings, diagrams, and other graphic multimedia on my iPad.”
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“Using Noteshelf feels similar to writing in a real notebook, with the advantages that the notes are tidier and stored digitally. The app is easy to use and compatible with several types of styluses if you prefer to write with a penlike tool.”
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“Notebooks come equipped with a ton of fun customization options. You can give them a title and choose their cover and default page setup.”
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Your note-taking needs
all in one place

Annotate PDFs

Dive right into what’s important by highlighting and underlining text, writing notes and adding sticky notes.

Record audio

Record lectures, meetings, or discussions and replay them at anytime so you never never miss a note.

Write on images

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but yours can be worth more! Edit, crop, and write on them to bring your ideas to life.

Draw perfect shapes

Transform your notes with accurate shapes, lines, and arrows to create compelling visuals. Watch your ideas take shape.

Type notes

Create well-crafted notes or professional documents efficiently, by typing your notes or converting your handwriting to text.

Dark mode

Experience visual comfort and stunning notese in low-light environments.

More Efficient, less effort

Minimize distractions and let your notes take centre stage. Noteshelf is designed to keep you focused on your tasks at hand.

Fully customizable toolbar

Smartly organize notes

Focus mode

Handwriting search

Notes on-the-go

Record on your watch

Personalized notebook covers

Experience the magic of Noteshelf AI

Watch handwritten notes come alive on paper with Noteshelf AI, an intelligent assistant designed to help you study and power through tasks.

Everything you need and more

Save Web Clips

Clip webpages to your notes and annotate them for convenient note-taking.

Stickers & Emojis

Give your notes a personality with our collection of fun stickers and emojis.

Fancy Headers

From Simple and Elegant to Fun and Playful, create creative, quirky headers.

Unsplash & Pixabay

With an endless access to stock images, easily add captivating visuals to your notes.

Digital Diaries

A perfect place to plan and capture every precious thought and moment.

macOS Support

Craft your notebooks effortlessly on MacOS and sync across iOS devices.

200+ templates

From journals and planners, to do lists, meeting notes and more, find a template for your every need.
Template1 Template2 Template3 Template4 Template5 Template6 Template7 Template8 Template9 Template10
Template11 Template12 Template13 Template14 Template15 Template16 Template17 Template18 Template19 Template20

Access your notes
anytime, anywhere

Try Noteshelf for free

Noteshelf 3 is free to use with limited functionality, along with a small one-time fee to go fully premium.



3 notebooks. Unlimited pages.

100s of templates

Noteshelf AI with text and 30 monthly credits


One-Time $9.99
local pricing may apply

Unlimited Notebooks

100s of templates and configurable digital diaries

Noteshelf AI with text and handwriting and 100 monthly cedits

Handwriting recognition and search

Special offers for schools
& enterprises

We are delighted to offer Noteshelf 3 to schools and businesses at reduced
prices through Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager.

Our Dynamic Noteshelf Club

Digital Creator

As a medico, Noteshelf helped me sketch diagrams and take beautiful handwritten notes on my iPad. I enjoyed using Day & Night Journal, which helped me start my day with positive affirmations. It's like having my entire digital library at my fingertips!


Noteshelf has completely revolutionized my note-taking experience, from journaling to project planning; it keeps everything in one place. It saves my time and boosts my productivity. Indeed, Noteshelf has become my trusted companion for journaling.


I will refer to Noteshelf as my creative sanctuary. It transformed my iPad into a canvas of inspiration, allowing me to sketch, draw biology diagrams, and write with precision. The vast collection of colors and tools enables me to bring my ideas to life.

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