Noteshelf for

Introducing our humble venture into the world of windows. Specifically crafted for stylus-enabled windows devices. Type notes, record audio, mark-up PDFs and more.

Made for the
Galaxy Book Series

We have collaborated with Samsung to pre-load your beloved note-taking app; Noteshelf on the Galaxy Book2 and Galaxy Book3 series.

With its intuitive interface and robust features, Noteshelf is your perfect note-taking partner. Take notes, sketch, and organize your ideas with the S pen.

Works best with Microsoft Surface Pro

Noteshelf integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Surface Pro, for you to use all the app's features with ease on your device.

The Surface Pen offers an optimal note-taking experience, making it ideal for taking handwritten notes and drawing diagrams.

Feature-Rich Note-taking

Discover a better way of taking notes with your note-taking essentials, all in one place.

Audio notes

Record lectures, meetings, or discussions and Play them back anytime, even as you take notes!

PDF Annotation

Take notes on PDFs by Highlighting and underlining text, fill forms, review and sign documents like a pro.

Type notes

Capture every important detail by switching between writing and typing notes seamlessly.

Convert Handwriting to Text

Easily convert your handwriting to text for easy editing and to create professional notes.

Search for handwritten notes

Find any of your written notes by searching for specific keywords across all of your notes.

Image Editing

Crop, erase, or resize your images in Noteshelf to fit them perfectly into your notes.

Zoom Box

Zoom into your notes while writing to create neat and precise notes.


Access a vast collection of high-quality stock images to enrich your notes.


Personalize your notebooks with a wide range of beautiful covers.

One Dynamic Noteshelf Club


Digital creator

As a medico, Noteshelf helped me sketch diagrams and take beautiful handwritten notes on my iPad. I enjoyed using Day & Night Journal, which helped me start my day with positive affirmations. It's like having my entire digital library at my fingertips!



Noteshelf has completely revolutionized my note-taking experience, from journaling to project planning; it keeps everything in one place. It saves my time and boosts my productivity. Indeed, Noteshelf has become my trusted companion for journaling.



I will refer to Noteshelf as my creative sanctuary. It transformed my iPad into a canvas of inspiration, allowing me to sketch, draw biology diagrams, and write with precision. The vast collection of colors and tools enables me to bring my ideas to life.


Digital Creator

Using Noteshelf has made a world of difference in my digital content creation. The ability to annotate and mark PDFs effortlessly has streamlined my workflow and improved collaboration. I highly recommend Noteshelf to all productive geeks!


Personal Blogger

With Noteshelf’s powerful search feature, finding important information has become easier. From recording important lectures to jotting down personal thoughts, it captures every moment seamlessly. It has become my digital memory bank!

Noteshelf is cloud ready

Securely store your notes to Dropbox and don’t ever worry about data loss